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On Thu, January 12, 2017 4:32 pm, Kurt Buff wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 1:58 PM, Russell L. Carter <rcarter at>
> wrote:
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>> I had hoped I wouldn't need to do a deep dive on state-of-the-art
>> spam killing, but it's 2017 and the game has gotten tougher.
>> Thanks for these suggestions.  I'm implementing greylisting, pyzor,
>> razor, and the above client_recipient_restrictions.  dcc I don't
>> quite understand yet.
>> I think I'll phase this stuff in, with greylisting first, and see
>> what happens to the spam flow for each step.  I am a little wary
>> of putting even more chunks of perl and python into the critical
>> path.
>> Thanks a lot for the help, everyone.
>> Russell
>> (I just had a sad laugh recalling that I used to set up a mail server
>>  in 1995 using sendmail... and nothing else but exmh as the client)
> One other suggestion - I set this up years ago, but was forced to
> retire it in favor of a Barracuda appliance, which does basically the
> same thing - security/maia. It worked very well for our 250 users, and
> was pretty easy to administer.
> It might be overkill for your situation - it's meant as a spam filter
> for an organization, but the pkg-descr is below
>      Maia Mailguard is a web-based interface and management system based
> on the
>      popular amavisd-new e-mail scanner and SpamAssassin. Written in
> Perl and PHP,
>      Maia Mailguard gives end-users control over how their mail is
> processed by
>      virus scanners and spam filters, while giving mail administrators the
> power
>      to configure site-wide defaults and limits.
>      WWW:

I was very enthusiastic about maia about 3 (or 2?) years ago. Until I
tried to install it. The first thing I discovered was that at that moment
it wasn't maintained for about a year. I probably should say "was no
activity" on main maia project. Then I discovered excellent writeup of how
to install mail server with maia being integral part - that was written by
maia port maintainer. However, he is not who originally wrote maia. I must
give him big credit for fixing things in maia in a course of maintaining
that port. However, I didn't manage to make maia port work - as in my case
I didn't want to follow all the decisions which are default for that port.
Namely, I didn't want to have my mail users be kept in postgresql

Anyway, whoever decides to follow it and use maia, beware to use port
maintainer's howto (Find URL in port Makefile), or you may get into
trouble down the road.


> Kurt
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