Edison tactic - 1.ifconfig wlan0 ssid myssid , work but some missed ,2.pkg install

Boris Samorodov bsam at passap.ru
Tue Jan 10 11:45:43 UTC 2017

10.01.2017 02:22, Anton Yuzhaninov пишет:
> On 01/08/17 13:03, Polytropon wrote:
>>> IWN(4) states that an iwn adapter uses a lodable firmware.
>>> Is it actually loaded?
>> Isn't that firmware already part of the GENERIC kernel?
>> If not, "man iwn" has the relevant items that should be
>> added to /boot/loader.conf (or "iwnfn" for all of the
>> available firmwares).
> Firmware for iwn is build as module


> and can be loaded from modeles path.
> There is no need to add entries to loader.conf

Please, show an example of configuration files (the relevant lines)
to prove that. We are speaking about auto/boot/start, aren't we?

Disclaimer: I have an iwm (not iwn) device, but I managed to invoke
wireless networking only by loading firmware via /boot/loader.conf.

> dmesg should contain strings like:
> iwn0: iwn_read_firmware: ucode rev=0x12a80601

WBR, bsam

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