home directory overridden by root?

Paul Beard paulbeard at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 23:22:26 UTC 2017

For some reason my home directory reverts to/is confused with /root. I login, get dropped at home, but cd will take me to /root and any command I run assumes I am in root’s (non-writable) home. How can I fix that? I can’t quite make out what’s wrong. 

FreeBSD www 10.3-STABLE FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE #0 r312644: Sun Jan 22 11:36:16 PST 2017     root at www:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SHUTTLE  i386

ssh www
[successful login]
[paul at www /home/paul]$ whoami
[paul at www /home/paul]$ id
uid=1001(paul) gid=1001(paul) groups=1001(paul),0(wheel)
[paul at www /home/paul]$ cd 
[paul at www ~]$ pwd
[paul at www ~]$ sudo grep paul /etc/master.passwd 
[paul at www ~]$ 

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