linksys router behind gateway not working

Olivier Olivier.Nicole at
Wed Feb 15 03:53:34 UTC 2017

> I am running 11.0 on my gateway system. It has a small LAN behind it. 
> This gateway host has ipfilter firewall and a dhcp server. The LAN is 
> cabled from the host to a switch and from the switch to each PC on the 
> LAN. I added a cable from the switch to a linksys wifi router. I can get 
> wifi and cable connection to the router but no connection to the public 
> internet through the LAN. The dhcp server lease file shoes a lease for 
> the router. I can see this ip address in the router's internal 
> configuration.
> Is the problem because the router NATs it's issued ip address and then 
> the host gateway system NAT's it again?

As others said, you give too few details.

>From what I guess, you do NAT behind NAT. While it works in theory, it
is not the best or fastest solution, you have to make sure your two NAT
subnets are disjoints, etc.

It is also better to use a static IP address for your WiFi router.

As it was mentioned, you should be able to configure your WiFi router as
a router or as a bridge. if the device has one yellow Ethernet port and
several blue ports, use a blue port to connect to the main switch,
disable DHCP and you are in. If your device has only one Ethernet port,
you must make that choice at configuration level.

Advantages of using bridge mode are that you only have one NAT level, all
the clients on your network are equivalent, being on the LAN or on the
WiFi, they show the same at the gateway (would you need some kind of
authentication, debugging, whatelse), they get the same IP address
range, etc. You only have to maintain one DHCP server at the gateway...

Think the bridge mode like a WiFi switch.

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