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Tue Feb 14 23:18:14 UTC 2017

Hi Ernie;

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Ernie Luzar <luzar722 at> wrote:

> Hello list;
> I am running 11.0 on my gateway system. It has a small LAN behind it. 
> This gateway host has ipfilter firewall and a dhcp server. The LAN is 
> cabled from the host to a switch and from the switch to each PC on
> the LAN. I added a cable from the switch to a linksys wifi router. I
> can get wifi and cable connection to the router but no connection to
> the public internet through the LAN. The dhcp server lease file shoes
> a lease for the router. I can see this ip address in the router's
> internal configuration.
> Is the problem because the router NATs it's issued ip address and
> then the host gateway system NAT's it again?

It shouldn't be. The problem must some configuration in the LAN side of
linksys. You pluggued the WAN port of the linksys to your switch, right?
Do the wifi clients get an IP from the linksys internal net?

I have this very same config here at home, with 2 different wifi

My advice is: Disable the routing function (NAT/DHCP) completely from
the linksys, Assign a fixed IP from your gatway LAN to the linksys LAN,
and let your wifi clients get their IPs from your gateway. It will act
just as an AP (a wifi switch). Much simpler and of course, less
overhead for your linksys.

I don't know the details of how to do this with this particular router
but I'm sure there must be away. I've done with several different
routers and it varies from router to router.

On some, there is an AP mode. On another, is bridging all interfaces

But on all of them, DHCP must be disabled and its LAN interface must
have an IP from your gateway LAN. 

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