FreeBSD-10.3 No file created

James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Mon Feb 6 15:01:36 UTC 2017

We have a 10.3 BHyve virtual guest that is running ntpd.  However,
when ntpd starts it is not creating a pid file and so normal service
commands do not work.  ntpd is part of the base system and we have not
altered any of the rc scripts or to our knowledge changed any

The problem was first encountered during a series of ntpd stops and
starts whilst debugging a problem with the samba service also running
on this guest.  At that time restarting the guest seemed to clear the
problem.  However, restarting this host has not fixed the issue in the
current instance.  There is no file anywhere on the system.

If I create a /var/run/ file manually and echo the exact pid
of the running ntpd instance then the service command works until I
use it to stop ntpd.  Then when I restart the ntpod service the old
pid value is not changed and service ntpd status reports:

service ntpd status
kern.timecounter.hardware: ACPI-fast -> ACPI-fast
kern.timecounter.hardware: ACPI-fast -> ACPI-fast
ntpd is not running.

Any help solving this would be much appreciated.

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