reuseport is not working on freebsd...can freebsd and nginx work together to get it works?

Free P pxy4cc at
Fri Feb 3 01:21:32 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Not sure it's OK that I just send the email to FreeBSD and nginx maillist

But it's more than one year since I post the issue on both forum.
For now we are in a dead loop.


You should approach FreeBSD folks. It still doesn't offer this


Nginx is using reuseport this way appears to be an inappropriate use of
that method. Linux hacked the wrong thing to make this work that way
instead of using what they should have. Asking FreeBSD to do the wrong
thing is asking a bit much, though I know you just want to use this thing.

Is it possible for us to work together to get "reuseport" work on FreeBSD?
This is a great feature, as a FreeBSD and NGINX fan, we do want that this
feature can work on FreeBSD. Then there is no need to struggle to change to
Linux to get a better performance.

Thanks All!

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