vt(4) iso-8859-1 latin accentuated characters do not show on console

Vitalio D v.dol_s at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 11 19:08:16 UTC 2017

>> Hello,
>>I'm running 11.1-STABLE snapshot from November. By default my vty driver
>>is vt(4) as seen from sysctl kern.vty
>>I've tried to configure french keyboard so to be able to see and type
>>accentuated characters, but could not succeed.
>> I've amended ~/.login_conf with
>> me:\
>>   :charset=ISO-8859-1:\
>>    :lang=fr_FR.ISO-8859-1:

>	The vt terminal only supports UTF-8 and will display UTF-8 text
>correctly no matter what the locale settings are.
>	For typing you'll have to select an appropriate keyboard map that
>supports typing accented characters, with us.acc.kbd the compose mechanism

Hi Steve,
I've put the vt back (i.e put the original (empty in my case) /boot/loader.conf ) and set the keymap in rc.conf to fr.iso.kbd. Unfortunately this did not work. When trying to type french 'é' nothing happens. When trying to read a french handbook such accent letters are just missing, for example french préférez becomes prfrez. 

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