Implementing multi-layer keyboard in FreeBSD vt (was: syscons), and control keys repeat rate

Jack Rosenthal jack at
Tue Dec 5 22:15:10 UTC 2017

On Tue, 05 Dec 2017 at 01:08 +0100, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Dec 2017 17:30:39 -0700, Jack Rosenthal wrote:
> > I'm trying to implement a multi-layer keyboard layout for the FreeBSD
> > console (sort of like the Neo layout, there's more things that change
> > the keys than just shift). If you're curious, the keyboard spec is here:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Here's what I've got so far:
> > 
> >
> Interesting effort. However, I think traditional syscons (sc) will
> be abolished soon and fully replaced by NewCons (vt) due to the fact
> that modern X doesn't work until you switch to vt. Maybe you can
> also investigate how vt does things, and find a solution there?

Uh oh... I had meant vt (had read the manual for syscons and simply
assumed that was what I was using)... noob issues ;)

> > 2. Any way to make the Ctrl key send Ctrl+Shift? I was thinking that I
> >    could make a function key for that, but cannot find any way to do
> >    that from the manual (kbdcontrol).
> This is something to be implemented in the keyboard driver directly,
> i. e., atkbd or ukbd - and re-check with the lower-level sc (or vt?)
> interface to those drivers, usually there are ioctl()s doing it.

I had a feeling this would be the answer... maybe some week when I have
a bit more time I'll go down this rabbit hole.

Jack Rosenthal

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