[Crosspost] Host losing network connectivity when jail is up after 21 minutes

Olivier Mauras olivier at mauras.ch
Tue Aug 29 14:54:09 UTC 2017

Just to note that the issue has been solved by binding the jails on 
cloned lo1 instead of the main interface.


On 2017-08-24 11:03, Olivier Mauras wrote:
> Sorry for crossposting from
> https://groups.google.com/a/hardenedbsd.org/forum/#!topic/users/tADY5vVqxew
> I hope it's acceptable
> Hello,
> I have HardenedBSD 11.1 installed as a KVM guest with static route and
> a single public IP directly routed to internet by my provider's
> gateway.
> I have two jails running on this guest, one running an sshd instance
> the other one a powerdns-recursor instance. Both jails are on a
> private subnet NATed by PF and running HBSD 11.1 as well.
> If any of the jail is running, the host will lose network connectivity
> after ~21 minutes, and there is no relevant event in the logs - like
> really nothing - that could help pinpoint where the issue is coming
> from.
> When I stop the jail service, network connectivity gets back
> immediately. When I start the jail service again, network is still up
> for the next 21 minutes...
> I've tried switching network interface driver from virtio to e1000
> without any success as the behaviour is still the same.
> Would someone have an idea to help tracking down this issue?
> Thanks,
> -O.

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