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On Mon, August 28, 2017 1:13 pm, Polytropon wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Aug 2017 12:42:02 -0400, Ernie Luzar wrote:
>> The Microsoft September Windows 10 update is providing a method for
>> installing Unix flavored operating systems [IE: Linux, Ubuntu, SUSE and
>> Fedora]   under windows 10.
>> Read the end of this story for details at this link
>> What is Freebsd doing to join the group?
> Probably nothing. It's not good to join any group just because
> it does exist. ;-)
> Actually, you can understand the "Windows Subsystem for Linux"
> like FreeBSD's Linux ABI, or like what wine is providing to
> run "Windows" programs on FreeBSD and Linux: You can install
> Linux OS components and additional applications and run them
> on "Windows", just as you can run a "Windows" program on FreeBSD
> using wine. As far as I understand, you do not run the Linux
> kernel (read: Linux itself), instead the WSL presents Linux-like
> kernel interfaces and library calls for the applications executed.

Which sounds to me like what cygwin does. They were the very first ones
who decided to convert Linux system calls into Windows ones and other way
around on the fly. Cygnus solutions was the company who did that first and
made cygwing (to the best of my knowledge, they were the first). They were
very soon bough out by RedHat, and to its credit, RedHat keeps maintaining
it, and cygwin is still free, and there are no signs of intent to get it
buried in favor of something that will bring money. I do praise RedHat
whenever I can (not enough I bet - ignore few things I dislike like
systemd, which were written from scratch). Only later others started doing
the same on the fly conversion instead of emulating generic CPU (the last
makes fast "register" operations done through slow RAM, hence making it
run an order of magnitude slower than on real machine). First was
"parallels desktop" for MacOS, then vmware started doing the same. Neither
of both explicitly told that they use that (cygwin's) brilliant idea to
convert on the fly one system system calls into those of another, and
back, as it is done by cygwin.


> That's why the possible assumption of "running one OS inside
> another OS" is not valid here. The support is limited to a specific
> subset of GNU/Linux operating system distributions. You do not
> install Linux under "Windows", nor can you install FreeBSD under
> "Windows". Except for virtualization, you cannot install and run
> an operating system under "Windows".
> You can find more about the nature of WSL here:
> As you can conclude, FreeBSD uses a different kernel and system
> library than Linux, so MICROS~1 would have to implement them
> completely differently, maybe as WSF. ;-)
> In my opinion, this is a nice approach to add normal computer
> functionalities to the "Windows" environment which lacks them.
> Until now, the common solution was install Cygwin, but with the
> ongoing "rising of the walls" a solution native to the "Windows
> Store" where people can rent software for the computer they
> cannot control anymore. :-)
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