sendmail seperate mta/msa processes

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Aug 7 08:31:04 UTC 2017

On 06/08/2017 16:22, Edgar Pettijohn wrote:
> Currently my mail server is working well enough. However, I would
> like to try setting up multiple sendmail processses with their own
> configurations. So I can have one running on port 25 with spam
> milters, no relays allowed, and deliver mail to dovecot lmtp. Then
> have a seperate process with its own config running on port 587 that
> requires tls+auth before it relays.
> Is this something people do regularly and is easy to implement? Or is
> it one of those things that after I begin I will wish I had never
> attempted.

Having a separate port 587 listener that requires STARTTLS and
authentication is a pretty standard configuration.  Typically you
wouldn't run two separate sendmail processes for that though.

I dropped sendmail in favour of postfix some time ago, but as I recall,
the essential parts of the configuration were:


and then defining a series of DAEMON_OPTIONS(...) defining where
sendmail would open listening sockets and the various flags to require
things like authentication after STARTTLS.  You also need a MAILER(...)
definition to configure delivery via LMTP.

However, my advice would be to forget trying to do this with sendmail
and install a different MTA.  I prefer postfix because it combines speed
and security with a rally quite readable configuration syntax.



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