Ban on spam-sender domains from posting to freebsd-questions

Carmel NY carmel_ny at
Wed Aug 2 15:13:19 UTC 2017

On 2 Aug 2017 14:49:11 -0000, John Levine stated:

>If fbsd would configure its lists to accept mail only from
>subscribers, most of the spam would go away.
>Approximately every other list in the world does that.  I cannot begin
>to guess why they imagine that isn't effective.

You are wasting your breath, or maybe it is electrons or bandwidth or
whatever. This exact problem has been discussed ad infinitum on this
list. The consensus is that users of this list are either too lazy or
stupid to subscribe to the list. I showed that I could subscribe
(requires email verification) and unsubscribe in less than three
minutes total time. I seriously doubt that anyone would choose to do
that though. Apparently, it is the commonly held belief that somebody,
somehow, somewhere, might want to ask a random question on this list
and we would be infringing on his right to do so by asking him/her to
first register.

Strange how it works so well on other forums though. The FreeBSD motto
apparently is, "Tis better to screw over the hundreds than
inconvenience the one."


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