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Wed Aug 2 12:54:09 UTC 2017

02.08.2017 00:29, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions пишет:
> We have several old Lexmark T632 printers which
> describes as 'paperweights'.  Notwithstanding OPO's value judgement we
> use these things as network printers for a wide variety of computers,
> some of which are much older than the printers.  One of their uses is
> to produce cheques and to replace them for this purpose requires
> re-certification of the replacements.  So, they are not going anywhere
> until they absolutely no longer work.
> Under CentOS-6 we use CUPS -1.4.2 with a PPD for these printers which
> was sourced from some forgotten place but which works very well for
> us.

You may try linux emulation. Here are current packages:
% pkg search cups-libs
linux-c6-cups-libs-1.4.2_8     Common UNIX Printing System libraries
linux-c7-cups-libs-1.6.3_3     Common UNIX Printing System libraries

> On FreeBSD we use CUPS -2.2.3 and the PPD we have works not quite
> so well.

JFYI, the is a cups-genppdupdate utility at print/gutenprint. I'm not
sure that it will DTRT, but seems worth to mention.

> It works to the extent that the printers print but we cannot
> 'see' their advanced features in the CUPS Browser.  There are fields
> created in the page display which are likely for this but they are not
> populated with options.
> This is a bit esoteric for me. Is there anyone on the list that either
> has a working PPD for this model printer that they are willing to
> share; or is willing, for a fee, to revise the PPD we already have so
> that it works with FreeBSD?

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