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Tue Aug 1 21:29:29 UTC 2017

We have several old Lexmark T632 printers which
describes as 'paperweights'.  Notwithstanding OPO's value judgement we
use these things as network printers for a wide variety of computers,
some of which are much older than the printers.  One of their uses is
to produce cheques and to replace them for this purpose requires
re-certification of the replacements.  So, they are not going anywhere
until they absolutely no longer work.

Under CentOS-6 we use CUPS -1.4.2 with a PPD for these printers which
was sourced from some forgotten place but which works very well for
us.  On FreeBSD we use CUPS -2.2.3 and the PPD we have works not quite
so well.  It works to the extent that the printers print but we cannot
'see' their advanced features in the CUPS Browser.  There are fields
created in the page display which are likely for this but they are not
populated with options.

This is a bit esoteric for me. Is there anyone on the list that either
has a working PPD for this model printer that they are willing to
share; or is willing, for a fee, to revise the PPD we already have so
that it works with FreeBSD?


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