Is it possible to enforce noexec for Wine on ntfs partition ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Tue Apr 25 16:56:08 UTC 2017


I use ntfs-3g on my FreeBSD (12-current amd64) box.

ntfs-3g works nicely, except that of late there have been a couple
of filesystem corruptions as a result of executing binaries on the NTFS volume
under the Wine emulation layer.

I would ideally like the following behavior enforced by the driver : for regular files
(i.e. non-directory files), Wine cannot execute the binary from the NTFS volume. If
any user wishes to execute the binary under Wine, he must first copy the file to
somewhere outside the NTFS volume (possibly $HOME).

Note that I cannot enable this behavior with '-o noexec' : that only disables
execution of binaries by the kernel itself, not the emulation layer - which just
needs read access.

Is it possible for me to achieve that behaviour ?

Thanks for any tips.
Manish Jain

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