Accessing UFS partitions from a Macbook

Tomek CEDRO tomek.cedro at
Thu Apr 20 15:56:44 UTC 2017

If you only intend to use external HDD with Mac use native HFS+ that
would dramatically increase efficiency over FAT. You may also want to
enable encryption that is not really affecting speed noticably and may
protect data on a drive in case it gets stolen.

If you want to work with large files and windoze you may prefer to use
exFAT instead FAT32. That would allow large files on a large drive
plus (limited) OS interoperability. Except you will really need to
wait long for fsck to finish with *FAT. fsck part is important as
macOS tries that on automount and you will see no drive after plugging
it into USB port before its verified clean.

True, FUSE gets the job done. And it sucks there is still no common
filesystem to work well on all OS. UDF could be the candidate, but
still most OS can NOT mkfs nor write including FreeBSD :-(

Remember about native SSH on macOS (see System Preferences / Sharing /
Remote Login) that could give you nice way to get the job done
remotely :-)

Best regards :-)


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