Accessing UFS partitions from a Macbook

Ian Smith smithi at
Thu Apr 20 15:40:36 UTC 2017

On Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:40:59 +0200, Tomek CEDRO wrote:

 > on macOS use "sudo bash" and "diskutil" :-)

Thanks Tomek for the compsct advice, and the cc.

Unfortunately I forgot to ask for a cc as I take the -digest, but I've 
read Jon's reply in the archive; I won't wait till it arrives tomorrow.

If I ever get a Mac I'll likely mess with solutions such as Jon pointed 
to, more likely the Virtualbox/FreeBSD VM route.  The FUSE option looks 
like way too much to inflict on my daughter's Mac, not that she'd let me 
borrow it for long enough :)

As much as it irks me, reorganising the USB HD to have a much larger 
msdosfs partition seems the path of least resistance, which I could also 
share with 'doze users.  I'll likely pack most of it in big zipfile/s to 
preserve (in this case often relevant) timestamps for recipients.

Thankyou both,

cheers, Ian

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