Problems with USB keyboard and GELI during boot

Misanthropist misantrop at
Tue Apr 18 10:57:59 UTC 2017

I'm running 11-STABLE (currently FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE #0 r309839: Sun Dec
11 03:14:45 CET 2016). A few days ago, I tried to go over to
11.0-RELEASE-p9 instead, but that gave me problems with my USB keyboard,
because GELI didn't recognise the passphrase. The kernel *did* recognise
that there is a keyboard, and it accepted my input, but it told me that
the passphrase was wrong. Since I don't have / encrypted, I was able to
get the system up, and mount things manually.

I've had some similar problems in the past, and this is actually the
main reason I'm running STABLE, but those problems occured in one of the
10.x releases (don't remember which, but mid 2014).

I restored the backup I made just prior to installing RELEASE, and all
was well. So, I decided to at least get a newer version of STABLE
(FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE #5 r317051: Tue Apr 18 09:52:13 CEST 2017).

After building world and kernel, installing kernel and rebooting into
single user, to install world, I got the following message

run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 60 seconds for

A bit of googling lead me to the following old thread from 2012:,
which suggests firewire is the culprit. However, I have firewire
disabled in both the BIOS and the kernel config, so I started fiddling
more or less blindly, and after a few tries I realised that removing
ohci silenced the message.

So, next problem, the boot doesn't halt at the GELI passphrase prompt,
but continues to spew out messages. However, it does halt eventually,
but then GELI doesn't recognise the password at the first attempt, but
the second time I enter it, it works. I _could_ live with that, but
apart from being an annoyance, it also suggests that something is rotten
in the state of Denmark. And, once I got to the login prompt, the
keyboard didn't work at all.

I just finished restoring backup, with the help of my recovery disk. At
this point I have no idea how to continue. I'll be happy to post my
kernel config, but I've edited it quite extensively, so the lines are
not in the same order as in NOTES or in GENERIC, and I have removed,
rather than just commented out, the lines for disabled devices and
options, so a diff from NOTES or GENERIC probably won't make much sense.
And since the keyboard wasn't working, I wasn't able to get dmesg.

I'm using vt, and I'm not particularly keen to go back to sc, and the
last ps/2 keyboard I had passed to the happy hunting ground last year,
and I don't know anywhere that still sells ps/2 keyboards.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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