Is it possible to install FreeBSD on a single MBR slice with ZFS ?

Shamim Shahriar shamim.shahriar at
Sat Apr 15 12:00:34 UTC 2017


I'm not sure why you think zfs needs the entire drive. Most people put it
that way, true, but zfs can work with many different things in the back. On
most of my servers i use multiple partitions (gpt) to isolate swap and tmp,
but keep the positioning scheme (and therefore the size of the partitions)
the same, and let zfs take over the zfs partitions. How this will work at
your end remains to be seen given that you have many different boot blocks.
But if you are happy to try, change the freebsd partition to zfs and see
how it goes. Might find mfsbsf helpful in this regard.

Hope this helps.

On 15 Apr 2017 10:56 am, "Manish Jain" <bourne.identity at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I always use freebsd-ufs for my installations. But I am interested in
> trying freebsd-zfs. My box has a single hard disk, an SSD with 4 MBR
> slices.
>  From what I could gather from the installer, it is not possible to use
> freebsd-zfs for / for a single slice. It looks to me like ZFS needs the
> whole disk.
> Am I wrong ? Is there any way I can get the installer to use ZFS for a
> single slice.
> Thanks for any information
> Manish Jain
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