Xorg font question

DTD doug at safeport.com
Wed Apr 12 18:25:50 UTC 2017

I am using:

   XTerm*faceName: Liberation Mono
   XTerm*faceSize: 8

in .Xdefaults. All the size *except* 8 display the underscore '_'. Szie 8 prints 
this as a blank. Is there a fix for this? Liberation Mono with 8 as a default 
works really well with my monitor so I can use <ctrl>right-click to choose the 
other sizes.

Is there a fix? What are your favorite fonts. Vera Sans Mono does not size well 
for me. Ideas welcome. What I am using is okay/good except when writing python 

Douglas Denault
doug at safeport.com
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   Fax: 301-217-9277

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