Updating multiple computers

Baho Utot baho-utot at columbus.rr.com
Mon Sep 19 00:20:57 UTC 2016

Here is what I have done, I need some guidance to complete my journey

I now understand the differences in the base source repositories and I 
know now that I need the releng-10.1 source.

I have pulled that source using svnlite and I am able to build the base 
system and kernel following the handbook. I have also learned how to 
create a "release" by reading the release man page and have done so. I 
then scripted this to update the local svn base source code, then build 
a "release" and then copy the release to a network server.

OK now the next step or issue:

How do I use that release assuming that it is on a network server to 
update/upgrade multiple systems?

I know I could use the memstick image from "my release build" to install 
a system,  I am under the assumption that I can not use that to 
update/upgrade a system only install.  I have the tarball that release 
generates as well.

Can freebsd-update be "tricked" into using my built release system or 
will it only use the freebsd servers?

  It is ok offer improved ways or complete new ways of doing this or 
tell me that "it just don't work that way"

When my journey is complete I will/should be able to pull the source and 
install/update/upgrade multiple system, or at lease that is what I am 
attempting to do.

Thank you for your time

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