advice on buying a laptop #2

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Wed Sep 14 12:32:04 UTC 2016

Hello everybody!

As you might remember, three months ago I already asked you guys about
this subject about three months ago. Because of a family crisis (my
mother got very sick), I didn't get around to actually buying one of the
little buggers we wrote about. A little has changed since that past
thread. Among other things, I have a little more dough. :-)

I don't want to roll out the whole thing again - actually, I just reread
the complete old thread. But I am currently thinking of a Lenovo T530
and not a T520. I plan to run FreeBSD on the bare metal of this thing -
if I can only FreeBSD. A few things have changed since the T520, which
you guys said would be a good choice. There are a few things I am
wondering about and I'd like your input if this machine would be a good

- Intel Core i7-3630QM - should be fine. :-)
- graphics
  - Intel HD Graphics 4000
  - NVIDIA NVS 5400M (1 GB)

Then the specs get a little fuzzy:

The shop says: 108Mbit Wireless LAN, no exact chip. Lenovo say this:

- 802.11bgn wireless PCIe Half Mini Card on selected models.
- 802.11abgn wireless PCIe Half Mini Card on selected models.
  - Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2200
  - Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6205
  - Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300

Which one might it be? I called the shop but they couldn't tell me
either because the dude on the phone said he didn't have one in front of
him right now.

And then there this little guy (from
- Wireless WWAN Minicard Qualcomm® Gobi™ 3000 on selected models

Too bad it only support 3G, but it's a nice bonus. :-)

Will any of this stuff cause problems under FreeBSD? I know the 6205
WiFi chips work, but what about the 6300? I was also thinking about
getting a new (back-lit) keyboard. Do you have any thoughts on this (I
know this is a little OT).

Best regards,

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