freebsd-update not updating kernel?

twilight pipfstarrd at
Mon Sep 12 02:37:27 UTC 2016

> It looks to me from what I'm pasting below as if there is a kernel out
> there somewhere for 9.3-RELEASE-p45, but freebsd-update is
> to fetch it.  I've also got Virtualbox segfaulting, which frequently
> happens to me mid-upgrade when there's a kernel/package mismatch.
> Does anyone have an explanation for what's happening here?
> % uname -a
> FreeBSD localhost 9.3-RELEASE-p43 FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p43 #0: Sat May 28
> 00:19:32 UTC 2016
> root at
>  amd64

Consider checking freebsd-version(1) output as:

> The following options are available:
> -k          Print the version and patch level of the installed kernel.
>   Unlike uname(1), if a new kernel has been installed but the system
has not yet rebooted, freebsd-version will print the version and patch
level of the new kernel.

And as you get from this quote, the following:

> % lsof >/dev/null
> lsof: WARNING: compiled for FreeBSD release 9.3-RELEASE-p45; this is
> 9.3-RELEASE-p43.

might occur if you forgot to reboot.

Yeah, it's a stupid advice and you've probably rebooted, but just in case.

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