Sox play freezes

Anton Yuzhaninov citrin+bsd at
Fri Sep 2 13:16:41 UTC 2016

On 2016-09-02 05:05, Bertram Scharpf wrote:
> On Thursday, 01. Sep 2016, 18:21:56 -0400, Anton Yuzhaninov wrote:
>> On 2016-09-01 17:29, Bertram Scharpf wrote:
>>> my Sox play tool plays the file, then it freezes. The
>>> remaining process does not answer on Ctrl-C nor on signal
>>> TERM. It only can be removed by signal KILL.
>> 1. Run
>> procstat -k PID
>> for frozen sox play
> bsch at linda ~ % procstat -k 2440
>   PID    TID COMM             TDNAME           KSTACK
>  2440 100622 sox              -                mi_switch sleepq_switch sleepq_catch_signals sleepq_timedwait_sig _cv_timedwait_sig_sbt chn_write dsp_io_ops devfs_write_f dofilewrite kern_writev sys_write syscall Xint0x80_syscall
> What does this tell me?

It looks like problem with sound driver or hardware problem.

Try to write to the freebsd-multimedia@ along with information about 
sound card (from dmesg and pciconf -vl if device uses PIC). But I'm not 
sure that developers read this list.

>> 3. Try to play the same file with another tool, e. g. audio/wavplay
> Where is 2.?

It was about pressing Ctrl+t, but procstat show more information anyway.

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