Wierd streaks on the desktop : Is there and issue with the Radeon driver ?

Lee Gold leegold at operamail.com
Wed Oct 26 16:06:08 UTC 2016

if they are strait vertical lines and this is a laptop and the lines
change as you flex the screen then  you need a new video cable.

On Wed, Oct 26, 2016, at 01:38 AM, Manish Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> I am on a FreeBSD 11 Release amd64 box with AMD A6-6400K processor and 
> Asus A68 (FM2) motherboard. The system has integrated Radeon HD 8470D 
> graphics.
> 'man radeon' lists the following cards as supported :
> <<
> OLAND       Radeon HD 8000 series
>  >>
> Now, As far as I remember, my complete CPU name is OKHLBOX Richland and 
> the graphics adapter is HD 8470D. Does that line not suggest that my 
> adapter too should be supported ? If yes, is there tweak to be applied 
> to get the adapter to work under FreeBSD ? The adapter works well 
> OpenSuse Linux 42.1 released a year back.
> Under FreeBSD, Gnome craps out visibly, with streaks and lines all over 
> the desktop. This is despite the fact that the radeon driver now seems 
> more upstream. There is a lot of diagnostic info I get with 'kldload 
> radeon'. That kind of output I only got from Linux earlier. But still 
> FreeBSD Gnome craps out, and the only way I can get Gnome to work under 
> FreeBSD is to use the vesa driver.
> KDE works 98% okay with the radeon driver. The 2% glitch is for a combo 
> of 2 factors :
> 1) when I enable what are called Desktop Effects in KDE, I get to see 
> the same wierd streaks and lines on the desktop
> 2) most X screensavers too (e.g. Stairs) display wierd streaks
> So is there an issue with the FreeBSD radeon driver which meddles with 
> HD 8470D graphics ?
> Thanks for any help
> Manish Jain
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