Wierd streaks on the desktop : Is there and issue with the Radeon driver ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 26 08:39:43 UTC 2016


I am on a FreeBSD 11 Release amd64 box with AMD A6-6400K processor and 
Asus A68 (FM2) motherboard. The system has integrated Radeon HD 8470D 

'man radeon' lists the following cards as supported :

OLAND       Radeon HD 8000 series

Now, As far as I remember, my complete CPU name is OKHLBOX Richland and 
the graphics adapter is HD 8470D. Does that line not suggest that my 
adapter too should be supported ? If yes, is there tweak to be applied 
to get the adapter to work under FreeBSD ? The adapter works well 
OpenSuse Linux 42.1 released a year back.

Under FreeBSD, Gnome craps out visibly, with streaks and lines all over 
the desktop. This is despite the fact that the radeon driver now seems 
more upstream. There is a lot of diagnostic info I get with 'kldload 
radeon'. That kind of output I only got from Linux earlier. But still 
FreeBSD Gnome craps out, and the only way I can get Gnome to work under 
FreeBSD is to use the vesa driver.

KDE works 98% okay with the radeon driver. The 2% glitch is for a combo 
of 2 factors :

1) when I enable what are called Desktop Effects in KDE, I get to see 
the same wierd streaks and lines on the desktop
2) most X screensavers too (e.g. Stairs) display wierd streaks

So is there an issue with the FreeBSD radeon driver which meddles with 
HD 8470D graphics ?

Thanks for any help
Manish Jain

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