GDM login screen not localized: normal?

David Guyot david.guyot at
Mon Oct 24 15:16:17 UTC 2016

Hello, there.

I installed a FreeBSD 10.3, that I later upgraded to 11.0, but, on
both, GDM screen and applications are not localized. login.conf
contains the corresponding group:
french|French Users Accounts:\

I did cap_mkdb login.conf, and attributed this group as the main one
for root and my main user with vipw, but still no changes. What did I

Awaiting your answers,

David Guyot
Administrateur système, réseau et télécom / Sysadmin
Europe Camions Interactive / Stockway
Moulin Collot
F-88500 Ambacourt
03 29 30 47 85
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