Is there a curses-based mp3 player available in FreeBSD ?

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Wed Oct 19 07:31:48 UTC 2016

> I already saw a few people reply and point out that an MP3 Player and
> the EQ are not the same thing, so I won't go into that part, but I also
> didn't see anyone mention "MP3Blaster" which I'm Honestly not sure if
> that is still in the Ports Collection or not.

> I first discovered MP3Blaster on Slackware Linux, and I've Loved it
> ever since.
> It's a full screen Application, it's got a "TUI" or "Text User
> Interface", which is a term I've never personally used before, but I
> saw it used on Wikipedia to describe the ASCII looking Interfaces that
> Applications have with no actual GUI involved.

> Anyway, MP3Blaster is great; It's got the ability to make and use
> Playlists, it can play Music in a variety of formats, and I have used
> it quite a lot for playing Music without X loaded.

> Like I said, this Application was one I found on Slackware, but I know
> I saw it on BSD as well at some point, so I'd VERY much recommend that
> you check into that one.

> I'm pretty sure if you just Googled MP3Blaster on Google Images, you
> should have no problems finding images showing how it looks. The Play
> List capabilities are good, the Interface is nice looking, and it works
> great.
> There's also a bunch of other stuff you can find in the Ports
> Collection that also plays Music without needing X, and although MPG123
> or MPG321 are pretty well known, there's also others. Also there's
> OGG123 or something along those lines, but yea, just check into that
> and poke around, you should be able to find at least a few.

> -Allen

I just checked, and MP3blaster is in both FreeBSD ports and NetBSD pkgsrc.

In both cases, the category is audio.


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