Is there a curses-based mp3 player available in FreeBSD ?

Allen bsd_atog at
Wed Oct 19 06:51:35 UTC 2016

> > I am using FreeBSD 10.3 amd64.
> > 
> > I am trying to make a list of what of all goodies are available in 
> > console mode, where my keyboard's backlights don't work because
> > they are hard-wired to the Scroll Lock led (turned on by 'xset led
> > on' in an X session).
> > 
> > Fortunately there's a couple of other things that do work in
> > console mode : email (thanks alpine) and tetris (thanks vitetris).
> > 
> > I am wondering if mp3 playback too is possible ? Of course, mpg123
> > does do that, but what I want is a curses-based front-end to the
> > equalizer.

I already saw a few people reply and point out that an MP3 Player and
the EQ are not the same thing, so I won't go into that part, but I also
didn't see anyone mention "MP3Blaster" which I'm Honestly not sure if
that is still in the Ports Collection or not.

I first discovered MP3Blaster on Slackware Linux, and I've Loved it
ever since.

It's a full screen Application, it's got a "TUI" or "Text User
Interface", which is a term I've never personally used before, but I
saw it used on Wikipedia to describe the ASCII looking Interfaces that
Applications have with no actual GUI involved.

Anyway, MP3Blaster is great; It's got the ability to make and use
Playlists, it can play Music in a variety of formats, and I have used
it quite a lot for playing Music without X loaded.

Like I said, this Application was one I found on Slackware, but I know
I saw it on BSD as well at some point, so I'd VERY much recommend that
you check into that one.

I'm pretty sure if you just Googled MP3Blaster on Google Images, you
should have no problems finding images showing how it looks. The Play
List capabilities are good, the Interface is nice looking, and it works

There's also a bunch of other stuff you can find in the Ports
Collection that also plays Music without needing X, and although MPG123
or MPG321 are pretty well known, there's also others. Also there's
OGG123 or something along those lines, but yea, just check into that
and poke around, you should be able to find at least a few.


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