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Tue Oct 18 15:57:47 UTC 2016

On 10/18/16 16:19, Paul Macdonald wrote:
> Are there ways to get local delivery via the SMTP server to dovecot
> Maildirs without creating system accounts?

Absolutely.  Start by installing postfix, rather than trying to beat the
system sendmail into submission.  Postfix configuration is actually sane
and accessible to ordinary mortals...

You will need some sort of authorization database for the mail system to
look up it's users in: LDAP works well, or you can use any sort of
RDBMS.  (Although not sqlite -- this needs to be a multi-user database.)
 You should be able to have both dovecot and postfix use the *same*
database for authentication purposes -- although there is a handy trick
where you can have postfix try logging into dovecot to authenticate the
credentials the user supplies.

There are several different approaches to this, but I tend to favour
using LMTP to hand-off the incoming message to the Dovecot server and
let it deliver to user Maildirs[*].  Postfix tends to apply the label
'virtual' when handling mail accounts that are not actual system user
accounts, but apart from using eg. a 'virtual_aliases' map instead of
the usual 'aliases' map it is all pretty straight forward.

postfix has excellent documentation including a number of discussions on
putting together this sort of virtual account based system.



[*] Which technically allows you to have dovecot and postfix running in
entirely separate servers or jails, plus with a little extra work, to
distribute your imap accounts over a number of back-end imap servers.
It also facilitates using Dovecot's SIEVE implementation for server-side
mail filtering.

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