Help finding out find why a ZFS pool vanished.

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sun Oct 16 12:45:44 UTC 2016

On 16/10/2016 01:56, Greg Marsh wrote:
> A couple days ago, when trying to copy my desktop files to my backup
> system, I got NFS mount errors. I was quite sore & tired from work (after
> 25 years of sysadmining, I'm now doing home renovations), so I went with
> the Windows admin response of 'reboot everything', on both my desktop and
> server. Then when trying to remount the NFS shares from my FreeBSD system
> didn't work, I df'd on my FreeBSD server to find the /storage pool was not
> there.
> I was eventually able to get my storage pool back through 'zpool import
> -af'

Have you examined the log from the zpool that mysteriously vanished?

  # zpool history -il poolname

This will record every zfs(8) or zpool(8) command affecting the pool.
You should also examine any command histories you have for actions
affecting /boot/zfs/zpool.cache -- while the system nowadays will
generally be able to find your boot pool without this, it may not be
able to find /other/ pools.  Lots of recipes for manual intervention
with ZFS systems rely on manipulating this file, but they frequently do
not warn against /removing/ the working copy before rebooting, something
that tends to catch out the tidier amongst us.



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