Help finding out find why a ZFS pool vanished.

Greg Marsh greg.marsh at
Sun Oct 16 00:57:15 UTC 2016

Hello, :)

A few days ago, I came home from work to find that the four disk ZFS pool
which is the bulk of my home file/backup system, had logically vanished.

I upgraded to FreeBSD 11.0 last week and all seemed well. Since upgrading,
I had done a system backup and a scrub of both my zroot and storage pools.
Storage is the one that vanished.

A couple days ago, when trying to copy my desktop files to my backup
system, I got NFS mount errors. I was quite sore & tired from work (after
25 years of sysadmining, I'm now doing home renovations), so I went with
the Windows admin response of 'reboot everything', on both my desktop and
server. Then when trying to remount the NFS shares from my FreeBSD system
didn't work, I df'd on my FreeBSD server to find the /storage pool was not

I was eventually able to get my storage pool back through 'zpool import

That being said, I'd like some guidance in finding out why the pool took
itself offline. From there, hopefully prevent it from happening again.

There were no error messages in dmesg nor /var/log/messages
All the drives showed up without error in /dev and gave no indication of
issue on boot.
All four drives are all WD Red 2tb. All 4 drives are attached to a four
port SATA card driven by a SiI3124. The SATA controller has worked without
issue for me for the past couple years - at least since FreeBSD 10.1
I do run the system headless and I admit I didn't put a monitor to it
before rebooting initially. I was also sloppy about my initial data
gathering. :(
I did eventually reboot with a monitor and the BIOS did not report nor have
history of any SMART errors with any drives.

Again, if anyone has any posthumous zfs troubleshooting tips, I'd
appreciate them very much.


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