Console text resolution mode config

Dmitry Postolov dpostolov at
Wed Oct 12 16:28:45 UTC 2016

Hi! Sorry for my bad English...

> You didn't say why you wanted to change the console screen resolution, 
> so I am guessing you don't like it's new look in 11.0.

I am owner of 2 mini-PC Intel NUCs: NUC5PPYH CPU Intel N3700, HD
Graphics (CherryView) and NUC DN2820FYKH 2-nd revision, CPU Intel
N2830, HD Graphics (ValleyView). On FreeBSD 11.0 CherryView and
ValleyView Graphics are not oficially supported, and I can't run CherryView
Graphics with Xorg (with intel or vesa drivers on starting Lumina-DE FullHD
mode) from pkg. If I am not mistake, Xorg print about "illegal opcode". If its
need, I can reinstall FreeBSD and send Xorg logs to mail list.
TrueOS (based on FreeBSD) supports my hardware graphics in
drm-next-4.7 mode, but now I want try to use FreeBSD 11.0-p1 on
NUC5PPYH CherryView Graphics with scfb video driver. On my nettops scfb
driver works fine only if nettops are loaded in UEFI mode.

But if in BSDInstaller FreeBSD-11.0-p1 to select GPT(UEFI) mode for target
drive and to install FreeBSD, then after reboot and starting loader and system
the screen console resolution is 1280x1024. And physical console have not good
view on FullHD display. And after wiki-setup scfb video driver
and starting Lumina-DE the screen resolution is also 1280x1024.

But as I am say on previous message, if in loader press ESC and manually
enter "mode 0" and "boot" then screen console resolution is 1920x1080.
This is comfort console mode for me on FullHD display and Lumina-DE starts with
FullHD resolution with xf86-video-scfb driver on NUCs and works fine.

> About your question of "how to set console text mode 1920x1080" I do not
> know the correct syntax to use, but I know you should put it in
> /boot/loader.conf file and reboot. It maybe as simple as adding "mode 0"
> to the /boot/loader.conf file and rebooting.

I am try adding "mode 0" or 'mode="0"' to the /boot/loader.conf and reboot, but this
not to solve this problem :-( console resolution is also 1280x1024.

Please, help me with syntax to add "mode 0" to loader.conf file.

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