Console text resolution mode config

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Wed Oct 12 13:12:01 UTC 2016

Dmitry Postolov wrote:
> Hi! Sorry for my bad English...
> FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-p1 amd64. Hardware: Mini-PC Intel NUC5PPYH CPU Intel N3700, HD Graphics. UEFI mode. 
 >Question - how to set console text mode 1920x1080. If in loader mode 
press ESC and enter "mode 0" and "boot"
 >then text console resolution is 1920x1080 and all OK.
 >How can I set this setting to /boot/loader.rc.local or another loader 
configuration file?
 >I am try to set:
> mode 0 or mode set 0 or gop set 4
> But no result, the screen resolution after changing config file is by default. Please, help me.

You didn't say why you wanted to change the console screen resolution, 
so I am guessing you don't like it's new look in 11.0.

Just to point out something you may have missed about 11.0. The default 
console driver has changed from "sc" to "vt". The console screen now 
looks different that what you are used to seeing with past versions of 
Freebsd. You can change the default console driver back to "sc" by 
adding this line to /boot/loader.conf file and rebooting.


If you want to continue using the default "vt" console driver, you can 
change the default mode from "graphic" mode to "text" mode by adding 
this line to the /boot/loader.conf file and rebooting.


About your question of "how to set console text mode 1920x1080" I do not 
know the correct syntax to use, but I know you should put it in 
/boot/loader.conf file and reboot. It maybe as simple as adding "mode 0" 
to the /boot/loader.conf file and rebooting.

Note: the "vt" console driver has some problems. Search the bug 
reporting system for list of "vt" bugs to see if any of those bugs may 
impact you before you decide to continue to use it.

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