Hi, a dual booting question

Allen bsd_atog at comcast.net
Wed Oct 5 22:55:09 UTC 2016

On Wed, 05 Oct 2016 14:09:56 +0100
Olaoluwa Omokanwaiye <olamoks at me.com> wrote:

> Dear all ,
> Please I am have a little trouble dual booting xubuntu 16.04 and
> FreeBSD 10.3 I have successfully installed both, xubuntu first then
> the FreeBSD but on powering the system only the xubuntu comes up. How
> can I make the FreeBSD show up so I can select.
> Thanks
> Ola


I've seen the replies that were already posted, but I wanted to add
something to this:

There's a lot of ways to Dual Boot and Tri-Boot, and all that, but the
easiest way in my opinion is for sure doing it during the installation.
Doing this can be tricky for first timers, and you do need to sit down
and read up on your exact set up, but I recall quite a few times over
the years, where I'd be installing my second or third OS, and I'd
reboot at the end of the installation, and then the OS I had just
installed would either overwrite the MBR and I'd have no options to
boot my other OSs, or, it wouldn't do something, or I did something
wrong, and I couldn't boot my new OS Installation, and I'd be stuck
sitting there for 2 hours looking through Configuration Files, while
trying to deduce wether or not it was the new OS that didn't get put in
the right spot, or, did it over write the MBR when I didn't want it too.

One of the easiest things to deal with was SuSE Linux, because it has
YAST and YAST2 which let you actually open the Configuration for
Booting, and then from there, I'd just add whatever Options /
Partitions I needed too.

The problem was usually from the Installer; Sometimes I'd be using Boot
Magic and I'd need to set up the Installer a little different, because
I didn't want it over writing the MBR, or I'd lose my Partition Set Up,
and then I wouldn't be able to boot up anything else. 

So for whatever it's worth, google MBR things like LILO and Grub 2, and
the BSD Boot Loader, because all of those, allow you to use multiple
OSs, but sometimes, you may need to edit them by hand to add new OSs,
and set up which Partitions are going to be bootable.

Sorry about the Length, but Hope it helps,


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