recent security updates to 10.3-RELEASE broke xdm?

Konstantin Schukraft konstantin at
Sun Oct 2 19:42:59 UTC 2016


>After updating to:
># /bin/freebsd-version -ku
>My xdm doesn't want to login me anymore.
>As soon as I enter the passwd, xdm reboots
>and presents me with the login prompt again.
>I see this in .xsession-errors:
>Protocol not supported by server
>Couldn't connect to :0
>Protocol not supported by server
>mwm: Could not open display.
>Protocol not supported by server
>D-Bus per-session daemon address is:
I see the same phenomenon here, so you're not alone. I even have troubles starting a
session with startx, I have to start an X server on a separate console before startx
would work.
I'm running current nvidia-driver-367.44, so it's not your driver either.
Since I'd like to do a fresh reinstall once 11.0 is finalised and I'm able to work
atm I didn't bother looking into it so far, but I wanted to let you know you're not

All the best,

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