Having trouble printing to my HP OJ Pro 8600 all-in-one

Patrick Mahan mahan at mahan.org
Wed Nov 23 04:22:15 UTC 2016


System info:

    CPU: Intel I7 w/8 cpus @ 3.20 GHz
    MEM: 12 Gbytes
    HDD: 1 TB Seagate Barracuda (FreeBSD is on a 500G partition)
    OS: FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p21

I just update my binary packages (after much much pain) since they were
so out of date.  One of the items that seemed to drastically was CUPS.
I had CUPS-2.0.1 and now have CUPS-2.2.1, but it seems I have lost all
printing ability.  I re-installed all available cups packages (except client,
can't see where that exists) along with gutenprint and hplip.  I see on
the ports page that there a secondary package called hplip-plugins but
pkg will not install it as it says it cannot find any package matching
that name.

Cups sees the printer, it seems up, but when I attempt to print a test
page, I get the following error:

   Unable to print test page:

          Unsupported format "text/plain".

Looking in /usr/local/etc/cups and I don't see any definition for
"text/plain".  Also, the cups filter in the .ppd for the printer
is set to "application/vnd.cups-raster 0 hpcups", but I can find
no definition of vnd.cups-raster nor hpcups.

Tried googling and most of the solutions are targeted for Linux
platforms and are packages that I no longer see in the ports tree.

Any pointers, suggestions, how to's are appreciated.  This has been
the main print server in my office and a couple of colleagues with
Apple devices (iPads, iPhones and Macbooks) depend on it for printing.



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