how long does a make buildworld normally take?

Matt Smith matt.xtaz at
Fri Nov 18 10:17:57 UTC 2016

On Nov 18 10:38, Christoph P.U. Kukulies wrote:
>how long does a make buildworld normally take?
>Has make buildworld time constant over the years?
>In 1995 "make world" on a Pentium Pro about 18 hours
>On my 4GB, CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 
>(1995.64-MHz 686-class CPU)
>make buildworld took about 18 hours. Well that CPU isn't the latest 
>either (10 Years or so)

18 hours?! On my current home-server which is an Intel Atom D525 1.8ghz 
it only takes 5 hours. And these are not known for being fast at all. In 
1996 ish I was doing it on something like a pentium 75 and I think it 
still took about 5 hours. So you're right there! 18 hours seems way too 
long though.

These days it compiles things like clang which take a very long time.


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