[HAM, NOT SPAM] Re: Letting you know about a broken link

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at twc.com
Thu Nov 17 08:21:19 UTC 2016

from Danielle James:

> I just wanted to let you know about a link that seems to be broken on this page http://www.freebsd.org/projects/cvsweb.html.
> Here's the link http://www.mandriva.com/ "Mandriva Linux", but the page doesn’t seem to be active any more.

> We've put together a guide to Mandriva; you can see it here http://wiht.link/mandrivalinux.  I thought it may make a good replacement.

Alphons van Werven responded:

> To anyone who might have commit rights to that page: the above claim is
> actually correct. Mandriva Linux is dead and so is said link. Perhaps
> someone can fix that link, or remove it altogether if it's no longer
> relevant anyway. I can submit a PR if needed.

http://wiht.link/mandrivalinux  redirects to


Mandriva itself is dead but lives on in the form of several forks: Open Mandriva, Mageia, ROSA, and PCLinuxOS.


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