ports build isc-dhcp43-server-4.3.4 pkg-static: PRE-INSTALL script failed

Christoph P.U. Kukulies kuku at kukulies.org
Tue Nov 15 10:31:01 UTC 2016

after the stepwise upgrade from 9.2 to 11.0-RELEASE I was building the 
isc-dhcp43-server and the following quirks happened at the end of the 

# make install
===>  Installing for isc-dhcp43-server-4.3.4
===>  Checking if isc-dhcp43-server already installed
===>   Registering installation for isc-dhcp43-server-4.3.4
Installing isc-dhcp43-server-4.3.4...
===> Creating groups.
Creating group 'dhcpd' with gid '136'.
===> Creating users
Creating user 'dhcpd' with uid '136'.
pw: user 'dhcpd' disappeared during update
pkg-static: PRE-INSTALL script failed
****  To setup dhcpd, please edit /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf.

****  This port installs the dhcp daemon, but doesn't invoke dhcpd by 
       If you want to invoke dhcpd at startup, add these lines to 

             dhcpd_enable="YES"                          # dhcpd enabled?
             dhcpd_flags="-q"                            # command option(s)
             dhcpd_conf="/usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf"      # configuration 
             dhcpd_ifaces=""                             # ethernet 
             dhcpd_withumask="022"                       # file creation 



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