unknown error during root mount on boot (fstab) in 11.0-RELEASE (after updating)

Christoph P.U. Kukulies kuku at kukulies.org
Fri Nov 11 10:45:53 UTC 2016

I'll try to provide some kind of screenshot of log later. For now I just 
can tell that my assumption is that
it's got to do something with mounting devices that don't have an UUID 
or group ID. Believe to recall this flashing
over the screen.

Bus as said, more info later.


Am 11.11.2016 um 11:34 schrieb Matthew Seaman:
> On 2016/11/11 10:07, Christoph P.U. Kukulies wrote:
>> I would like to provide more informaion but it escaped me for the moment
>> how I can catch
>> the output during boot into a file and post it here.
> Many people resort to taking a photo of the screen and sticking that on
> a pasteboard site somewhere.
> If you want to capture the boot sequence as text, you'ld need something
> like a serial console where you could watch the boot sequence from a
> terminal on a different machine.  You would then be able to use
> something like tee(1) to record the session to a file.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

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