unknown error during root mount on boot (fstab) in 11.0-RELEASE (after updating)

Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Fri Nov 11 10:34:35 UTC 2016

On 2016/11/11 10:07, Christoph P.U. Kukulies wrote:
> I would like to provide more informaion but it escaped me for the moment
> how I can catch
> the output during boot into a file and post it here.

Many people resort to taking a photo of the screen and sticking that on
a pasteboard site somewhere.

If you want to capture the boot sequence as text, you'ld need something
like a serial console where you could watch the boot sequence from a
terminal on a different machine.  You would then be able to use
something like tee(1) to record the session to a file.



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