After perl upgrade: "Can't locate XML/ in @INC"

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff stdin at
Wed Nov 9 17:06:26 UTC 2016

Matthew Seaman [2016-11-09 15:35 +0000] :

> It is possible to use multiple repositories with pkg, but that doesn't
> mean you can mix any arbitrary set of repositories.  In particular, if
> you mix a repository build against a current version of the ports tree
> against one of the quarterly packages sets then the fact that you can
> end up with different versions of the same package in each repository
> does tend to have undesirable effects.
> Multiple repo support works best when both repos are using essentially
> the same copy of the ports tree, and you use one to provide and overlay
> for certain packages with non-default options settings.  If one of your
> repositories is the default quarterly package set,  then I'd recommend
> checking out the appropriate SVN branch for any package sets you build
> yourself.

OK. Thanks a lot for your thorough explanation!


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