Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Sun May 8 03:50:01 UTC 2016

from Ian Smith:

> the other night I followed a link in net@ to read some commits:


> I'd looked at 4 of the 7 files there when suddenly, attempts to access
> others failed, after "you are leaving an encrypted page .." to receive:

>   Data Transfer Interrupted
>   The connection to has terminated unexpectedly. Some
>   data may have been transferred.

> Nor could (or can) I access the home page,

> I hope this isn't another insufferably patronising attempt to protect me
> from myself, for read-only access, by removing sslv3 & TLS v1.0 cyphers?

> This is an older Seamonkey on an 8.2 system, my main development laptop
> for non-FreeBSD software.  I'm in no position to upgrade it presently.

I just browsed though not your specific destination.

I was more immediately interested in changes to GENERIC for amd64 and i386.

All was successful.  I am in NetBSD-current i386 (7.99.15), using Firefox 37.0.2 nightly build.

I was also successful in updating FreeBSD src, ports and doc trees with subversion (built from NetBSD pkgsrc).


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