"Best" SAMBA version for FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE + ZFS?

Terry Kennedy TERRY at glaver.org
Sat May 7 19:09:16 UTC 2016

  I will be updating systems from older FreeBSD versions w/ the samba36
port to 10.3-STABLE and a newer SAMBA port.

  https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/FAQ says "The most recent release is
always the recommended version for production use." samba44 just hit the
ports tree today, with a commit message of "Port is NOT fully tested,
don't use in the production(yet)." As far as I can tell, all of the
samba4* ports have the "WARNING! This port is still experimental" note
in their README.FreeBSD.in files.

  Complicating things is that SAMBA is currently serving large ZFS pools
(ranging from 32TB to 128TB) to Windows clients. There are various warn-
ings about ZFS in the samba4* ports, but they seem to be related to pro-
visioning and possibly ZFS-on-root. Is this likely to affect me?

  Also, what is the status of the "inconsistent directory on rename /
delete"? A year or so ago I was following this discussion on the SAMBA
lists. It seemed that the prevailing point of view was "your operating
system is broken" because FreeBSD doesn't guarantee the same file order
when re-traversing a directory after a deletion. Various patches were
proposed for this, but I stopped following the discussion before the is-
sue got resolved (if it did get resolved).

  Considering all of the above, what is the current best version for
SAMBA deployment on 10.3-STABLE? Should I wait some time and then try
samba44? Go with samba43 now? Something else?

        Terry Kennedy     http://www.glaver.org      New York, NY USA

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