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On Tue, 29 Mar 2016 13:58:32 +0100, tech-lists wrote:
> On 29/03/2016 02:53, anonymous wrote:
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> Though it doesn't answer your question, TBH I'm not sure why the forums
> exist when we have mailing lists and publicly accessible frontends for
> browsing those lists.

There are several groups of users who do not have access to e-mail
based services (for example due to "corporate policy" or stupid
firewall settings), so the web forums are considered especially
appealing to novice users, as web access is often less complicated
than accessing one's own e-mail from a "3rd place" (1st is from
home, 2nd is on smartphone with a quite terrible UX, 3rd is work).
You can also think of the fact that many users cannot imagine the
availability and the operations of a mailing list... ;-)

> A decades worth of compressed email from multiple
> mailing lists will fit onto a modern usb stick and that's searchable
> with any text search tool you like.

Even via web, if local access to storage and standard tools is
prohibited (see "corporate policy" mentioned above).

> I guess I'm not a fan of the same kind of information but not exactly
> the same information in different places.

That's why certain projects have abandoned information and documentation
altogether and left it to the users to scatter useful bits of wisdom
across wikis, user pages, arbitrary web forums and personal homepages
on the web. :-)

> Just means more places to
> search, some which might be unavailable at the time, so missing
> information at that time.

Yes, that actually sounds a bit problematic: A user asks the list for
help, is shown a web forum URI he cannot reach (for whatever reason),
and the mailing list archive indirectly keeps the problem as "unsolved"
(as the list itself does not contain the solution).

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