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Warren Block wblock at
Tue Mar 29 15:25:18 UTC 2016

<A lot of stuff removed>

Please contact forum-admins at for forum usage questions.

A decision was made to use HTTPS to improve the security and privacy of 
forum users.  This is not a function of the operating system, but of the 
web browser.  Older browsers use old and potentially vulnerable 
encryption.  While it can be frustrating to be forced to upgrade 
applications, it is a fact of life with modern computer use.

> BSD is a california product why is "it in colorado" with controller 
> "in france".

Gandi is a domain registrar, and the FreeBSD Foundation is a non-profit 
foundation that supports FreeBSD.  Neither of them are the FreeBSD 
project, which is a worldwide cooperative effort with people and 
resources in many countries.

> that's rhetorical but i dont like your answer nor do i beleive it. 
> to hell if anyone but usa is "leading AT&T breed BSD, usc" - go 
> takeover linux again start another linux war.

Leaving aside the definition of "rhetorical" and casting aspersions on 
answers before they have even been provided...  FreeBSD would be a tiny, 
sad shadow of what it is today without the contributions of a great many 
people in countries besides the US.

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