partition boot problem

danilo.walterino at danilo.walterino at
Tue Mar 29 20:15:19 UTC 2016

Hello !
Here is the problem I encounter: I recently mounted a freebsd partition in rw mode by mistake under openbsd and since I can no longer boot freebsd.I can only mount partition and list files UNDER OpenBSD and that's all.I tried fsck_ufs without any options (from freebsd livecd) without success and I can't mount the partition anymore(from freebsd). May be someone meet the same problem and has solved it.Thanks for any help !

message of fsck:
"invalid disklabel, segmentation fault"

when I try to mount (from freebsd livecd):
"Failed to read ROOTINO directory block 13280
cannot read blk: 320
unexpected soft update inconsistency"  <=== 

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