FreeBSD and updating to new release

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at
Thu Mar 24 15:49:48 UTC 2016

krad writes:

> Are you sure this is correct? You could upgrade from 9-10 via freebsd
> update, and the OP did say when 11 is released, so the whole development
> case is not relevant in his case. 

OP is presently running -CURRENT. So no, freebsd-update is not an
option in that particular case.

freebsd-update is still present in the -CURRENT source tree, but at the
end of this year support for 9.3, 10.1, and 10.2 is being dropped.[1] So
come December, 10.3 will be the only release using freebsd-update. Once
10.3 reaches end-of-life the only options will be to update to 11.x or
track 10-STABLE, neither of which will be possible with
freebsd-update. The latter will be completely obsolete.

I can't speak for the developers, but I can't imagine them keeping it in
HEAD for much longer.



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